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Press releases

“Humanities in the European Research Area announces winners of its first Joint Research Programme” (Alphagelileo, 6 October 2010)
“Peter McNeil follows fashion” (Stockholm University, 6 October 2010)
Miten muoti löysi Suomen? (University of Helsinki, 22 September 2010)
“Professor Evelyn Welch becomes a dedicated follower of fashion” (Queen Mary, University of London, 22 July 2010)

“Modetrender spreds snabbt redan i 1700-talets Europa” (Stockholm University, 10 September 2012).


The first article that emanated from the Stockholm University Press Release above,  magazine for DIK (the professional association and a trade union for university graduates in the fields of documentation, information and culture). The text is also in their monthly print magazine.

“Nyt forskningsprojekt kortlægger historiske trends” (Fashion Forum, 8 November 2010)
“300 års europæisk mode skal gennemtrevles” (Videnskap DK, 28 October 2010)
“Grant winners” (Times Higher Education, 21 October 2010)
“Pianistista tulikin pukututkija” (Helsingin Sanomat, 1 October 2010)
“Research Intelligence – Practice makes profit” (Times Higher Education, 23-29 September 2009)
“HY: Paula Hohti mukana suuren rahoituksen saaneessa pukuhistorian ja muodintutkimuksen tutkimushankkeessa” (Kauppalehti, 15 September 2010)


Radio, TV

  • Patrik Steorn’s radio interview on the Swedish national radio, 20th May 2011:

In this radio programme on national radio Dr Patrik Steorn (Centre for Fashion Studies, Stockholm University) was talking about the meaning and importance of ruffs this spring, May 20th, 2011:

  • In March 2011, Maj Ringgaard spoke about knitted finds from a 17th-18th century rubbish dump in Copenhagen in the television program “Affald fra 1700-tallet” (“Rubbish from the 18th century”) produced by the Copenhagen broadcaster Vores By (Our City).


  • In December 2011, the “Worn Through” blog (post published by Arianna Funk, independent researcher, Sweden), discussed the queestions raised at the “Fashion in Translation” international symposium organised by Peter McNeil and Louise Wallenberg. Presentations by Professor Evelyn Welch, Professor Peter McNeil and Dr Patrik Steorn were being reviewed and discussed. See:
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