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The probate of Hans Dinesen and his wives, Denmark, 1584-1586

List of clothes belonging to Hans Dinesen and his first wife Karen in the probate inventory of 1584-86.







Prepared by: Camilla Luise Dahl & Maj Ringgaard, Centre for Textile Research, University of Copenhagen

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Probate records are some of the most informative sources for dress in 16th and 17th century Denmark-Norway. From probates and inventories we gain insight into how not only the wealthy, but how people from almost all social classes lived, what they owned and how many and what kind of garments they possessed. A large number of probates for townspeople have survived and are stored in local and national public archives.

One of these is the probate inventory of the Danish burgher Hans Dinesen and his family from 1584-86. From this inventory we gain insight into how wealthy people in a larger 16th century Danish town lived and dressed.

The probate record is kept in The Local Archive of Funen in Odense, Denmark (LAO), registered as Odense byfoged (Bailiff): probate documents 1541-1641 (Dokumenter til skifteprotokol 1541-1641), probate 1584-86.




Related material (visual, textual sources)

Visual sources

Epitaph of merchant Oluf Bager and his wife Margrethe Clausdatter and their children, 1576.

Margrethe Clausdatter and her oldest daughters.

The sons of Oluf Bager and Margrethe Clausdatter.

Oluf Bager and his oldest son.

Margrethe Clausdatter.

The three daughters Lisebet, Else and Marin.

The two youngest daughters Ane (deceased) and Ane.

The house of Oluf Bager and his family.


Documentary sources

For more information about early modern Dano-Norwegian dresses see:








Dansk Biografisk Leksikon / Danish Biographical Encyclopedia (Hans Dinesen, Oluf Bager, Diderik Fuiren)
Samlinger til Fyens historie og Topographie. Fyens Stifts literære selskab, bd. 9-10, Odense 1888.
Svend Larsen, Studier over det fynske Rådaristokrati i det 17de Århundrede. Bd. 1-2. Aarhus Universitet & Odense bys museer, 1965.
Camilla Luise Dahl, Extract of the probate of Hans Dinesen 1584-86: http://ctr.hum.ku.dk/other_research_projects/earlymodern/postdocproject/extracts/Skifter_fra_Odense_udvalg.docx.pdf/
http://www.gravstenogepitafier.dk/bogense.htm (The family of Karen and Margrethe Clausdatter).



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