Maj G Ringgaard: Principal Investigator 6

Theme 5: Creative Traditions: Knitting in Europe, 1500-1800

National Museum of Denmark



Research interests:

Cleaning and stabilization methods of archaeological as well as historical textiles, Textile Dyes and fibers, Textile technologies, knitting, historical cutting and sewing techniques,

Research Profile:

Maj G. Ringgard is an early career scholar working on 17th and 18th century Danish archaeological textiles. She is Conservator MSc. from the School of Conservation at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art, specialized in textile conservation and has more than twenty years experience from museums mainly focused on various kinds of textile conservation.

Selected Publications:

Ringgaard, M. (1994): “Textiles”. In H. Brinch Madsen “Handbook of Field Conservation” Copenhagen 1994, s. 115 – 119.
Ringgaard, M. (1995 a): “Bleaching by reduction”. So Many Countries, so Many Customs. Different Approaches to Textile Conservation. Interim Meeting – Conference of the ICOM-CC working Group of Textiles. Budapest, Sept. 1995, p. 29.
Ringgaard , M. & Skals, I. (1997): “Brown Rags”. WWW. Natmus. Dk.
Ringgaard, M. (2000): The Use of Vacuum Suction Table in Textile Conservation. In eds. R. Hordal & T. Ruben: The Conservator as an Investigator. Tallinn p. 98 – 101.
Ringgaard, M. (2002): An Investigation of the Effects of Borohydride treatments of Oxidzed Cellulose Textiles. In: Strengthening the Bond: Science and Textiles, North American Textile Conservation Conference 2002, p.91 – 101
Ringgaard, M. (2003): ”Opbevaring og vedligeholdelse af kirkens tekstiler”. In: H. Frøsig Dalgård ”Præsteklæder”, København 2003 p. 94 – 108.
Ringgaard, M. (2005): ”Musselmalede broderier” I Nyt fra NationalMuseet nr. 109.
Editor: Ringgaard, Maj; Ryhl-Svendsen, Morten; Botfeldt, Simon (2005): The form and function of storage buildings / Magasinbygningens fysik og funktion: Museumshøjskolen, Sorø, Danmark, 18-22 oktober , 2004: postprint. NKF-dk, Hvidovre, Danmark. 110 p.
Ringgaard, M. (2005): Tekstiler reb og snor. In eds. J. Kock og E. Roesdahl ”Boringholm – en østjysk træborg fra 13-årene” Århus universitetsforlag. p. 321-329.
Ringgaard, M. og E. Østergård (2007): “A heap of forgotten textiles from the 14th century Danish fortress, Boringholm In eds. A. Rast-Eicher, R. Windler. “ Archäologische Textilfunde ” Postprint NESAT IX Braunwald. p. 175-177.
Ringgaard, M. (2007): A purple knitted silk among brown rags. Excavated textiles from an 18th century rubbish dump in Copenhagen. In ed.K. Johansen, Costume – design and decoration. Proceedings from the 58th Annual Conference 9-13th October, 2006, Copenhagen, Denmark and Lund, Sweden.
Ringgaard, M. (2008): Cut Stitch and Fabrics: Female Dress in the Past 200 Years. In eds. M. Gleba, C. Munkholt and M. Nosch, ”Dressing the Past”, Ancient Textiles Series vol. 3, 134 – 158, Oxford, Oxbow Books.
Ringgaard, M. & A, B. Scharff (2010): The Impact of Dyes and Natural Pigmentation of Wool on the Preservation of Archaeological Textiles, in E. Andersson Strand, M. Gleba, U. Mannering, C. Munkholt, M. Ringgaard (eds.), North European Symposium for Archaeological Textiles X, 221-224, Oxford, Oxbow Books.
Eva Andersson Strand, Margarita Gleba, Ulla Mannering, Cherine Munkholt, Maj Ringgaard (eds), North European Symposium for Archaeological Textiles X, Ancient Textiles Series 5, Oxbow Books, Oxford (2010).
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