Patrik Steorn

Theme 3: Print Culture and Fashion Products

Post-doc researcher, Centre for Fashion Studies, Stockholm University



Research interests:

Visual culture, art history and fashion studies.

Patrik Steorn works on the IP3 project “Print Culture and Fashion Products” which follows the introduction of fashionable goods and their terminology to trace the story of fashion in early modern Sweden. In this project Steorn will focus on fashion caricatures from the 18th Century. Local production by Swedish print makers and the consumption of caricature images will be studied and analyzed together with the dissemination of English, French and German prints in the Swedish context. The goal is an accomplished overview of the production, distribution and consumption of fashion caricatures and other fashion-related image prints that positions 18th Century Sweden in a European context of fashionable consumption.

Research Profile:

Patrik Steorn, born in Stockholm Sweden 1971, holds a PhD in Art History from Stockholm University (2006) and worked as Senior Lecturer at the Centre for Fashion Studies at Stockholm University 2007-2009 teaching fashion history and theory and to undergraduate and master students. Recipient of Fulbright Commission Grant for Advanced Research Scholar 2009/2010 for post-doc project “Exploring the archives. Swedish fashion in the US”, affiliated with Graduate Centre at City University of New York during fall 2009.

Steorn is active as a curator, writer and lecturer within art history, visual culture, fashion studies and gender and queer studies. Thesis “Nakna män. Maskulinitet och kreativitet i svensk bildkultur 1900-1915” was published by Norstedts akademiska förlag, Stockholm in 2006 and Steorn regularly writes art criticism in Dagens Nyheter and is currently a member of the board of Swedish Art Critics Association. Curator of exhibition “Queer. Desire, power and identity at Nationalmuseum”, Stockholm in 2008 and “The Man – The Image of Men in Art” at Uppsala Art Museum in 2010.

Visual culture, art history and fashion studies are the main areas of Steorn’s research profile. He has previously initiated and implemented research as well as published books and articles on gender and queer perspectives on various aspects of the visual culture of the 1800s and 1900s as noted in the list of publications below.

Selected publications:

Nakna män. Maskulinitet och kreativitet i svensk bildkultur 1900–1915 Stockholm: Norstedts Akademiska förlag, 2006. Diss.
“’Men can be attractive and a little sexy…’ Swedish unisex fashion in the 1960s and 1970s” Nordic Fashion Studies (ed. Peter McNeil), forthcoming.
“Queering the museum. Methodological reflections on doing queer in museum collections” Lambda Nordica: Queer Methodologies, 2010:3.
“Staging masculinity and identity. Visual culture of naked men ca. 1900” Contemporary Feminist Studies and its relation to Art History and Visual Studies. Proceedings from a conference in Gothenburg, March 28-19, 2007 (red. Bia Mankell & Alexandra Reiff), Gothenburg Studies in Art and Architecture 28, Göteborgs universitet 2010
”Mode och skam. Om Sighsten Herrgård, AIDS, garderober och arkiv” Lambda Nordica: Queer Fashion, 2009:3/4.
”Konstnärligt anti-mode. Reformdräkt i Sverige kring sekelskiftet 1900” Modevetenskap – en introduktion (ed. Louise Wallenberg & Dirk Gindt) Stockholm: Raster förlag, 2009.
”Kvinnor i manskläder och konstnär i damkläder. Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec i den parisiska bohemkulturen” Henri de Toulouse- Lautrec, exhibition catalogue National Museumof Fine Arts, Stockholm 2008.
”Eugène Jansson och den svenska konsthistoriens sexualitet” Lambda Nordica 2007:3.
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